Company selling oil and gas royalties facing criminal investigation and civil

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) – On top of a fraud investigation by the Midland Police Department, the National Royalty Group is facing a civil suit as well.

According to the lawsuit, plaintiffs paid nearly 1 million dollars to the National Royalty Group for alleged oil and gas royalties.

The plaintiffs in the suit say that NRG paid less than 1 percent of their investments back.

The civil suit was filed in October of last year, but the plaintiffs began paying the National Royalty Group in 2019.

The lawsuit names three plaintiffs who say they were conned into buying fake oil and gas leases by people who claimed to work for the national royalty group.

The lawsuit says that after further investigation, it was discovered that the National Royalty Group is not a registered business in Texas – or anywhere else for that matter.

The plaintiffs say they were sold “projects” under the names of fake oil and gas companies and paid NRG by wire transfer.

The suit claims that the plaintiffs were supposed to receive monthly checks, but after a few initial payments to investors, the checks stopped arriving.

MPD asks anyone who invested money with the National Royalty Group to contact Sergeant Ray Flores with the Financial Crimes Unit.

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