Missouri leaders launch new app to help retailers verify IDs, detect fake IDs

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A new app allowing Missouri retailers to verify the authenticity of IDs and detect fake IDs with a phone or tablet launched Thursday.

The new “Show-Me ID” app is now available for Apple and Android phone user. The Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has partnered with MoDOT for the app.

Retail employees and other users can verify the authenticity of Missouri IDs simply by scanning the photo ID with the camera on a mobile phone or tablet. The app is designed to verify proof of age before purchases that require an age limit, such as alcohol.

“Underage drinking is a danger to Missouri’s young people and others on the road, and the new Show-Me ID app makes it easier than ever for all those who sell alcohol to verify the authenticity of any state-issued identification to aid in the prevention of alcohol being sold to minors,” said Dottie Taylor, state supervisor of the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

Show-Me ID automatically signals the user when a scanned ID is fraudulent, according to the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

The app includes a calendar feature to alert whether the bearer of a legitimate ID is of legal age to purchase alcohol or tobacco products. There is also a guide on the app that reminds the user of the proper steps for checking whether the ID is valid and the prospective purchaser is of legal age.

“While this is in no way a replacement for the physical checking of an ID and comparison to the person providing it, it is certainly another powerful tool to aid retail employees. While there are other apps available and none that are fool-proof, this is the best that we have used,” said Taylor.

The Show-Me ID app does not store the information from IDs it has scanned.

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Read More: Missouri leaders launch new app to help retailers verify IDs, detect fake IDs

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