What recent trials teach us about peer-to-peer power trading

Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading continues to undergo trials across the world, looking at how it might change energy generation and consumer attitudes to renewable energy. Power Technology took a look at how one of the most recent trials fared, and what those involved learned about P2P trading.

P2P technology would enable households with their own power generation installations to sell electricity directly to each other. This would cut power companies out of the process, allowing rooftop solar generators to trade via an online marketplace.

GlobalData senior power analyst Somik Das told Power Technology: “Generators and consumers involved in P2P energy trading mechanisms need not depend on utilities or retailers for their energy, and can make smart, sustainable choices about the usage and distribution of renewable energy.

“The trading platform uses blockchain technology to reconcile demand and supply of electricity to better balance the grid. It also increases efficiency, and reduces the costs of buying and selling electricity.”

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